Qualities of a Human Rights Champion

There is no greater reward than knowing you fought for a cause to support someone who could not speak for themselves. Human rights champions are people who are passionate about safeguarding the many rights that humans should enjoy. They speak up when there is a violation of those rights and help the pressed get peace and justice when their rights are being threatened. It is okay to aspire to be a human rights champion, but you have to work towards having these qualities.


In the course of championing a cause, you may experience intimidation and arrests including being confronted by senior people in government. For some people, one call from a government official will send them hiding never to be heard again. An activist must be courageous to go out and speak their minds. You should also be ready to attend protest marches and other actions to represent the oppressed.


Some of the cases on human rights violation take time. Even som of the most successful battles such as the stop of racism took decades to achieve. You cannot afford to give up halfway. The mantra for champions of human rights is always to push on until something happens. There will be days when you feel you are fighting a losing battle, but keep doing it. Change always happens when the oppressors notice that champions are resilient.

Networking skills

Championing for human rights s something that you cannot successfully do alone. You need other people who share the same passion and interest in the cause you are pursuing. It could be right to affordable health or even education. Once you have identified what you want to champion, you should then find other people in the same line of interest who can walk the journey with you.

Remember that there will be intimidation, death threats and even attempts to bribe you to turn against your beliefs. Stick to your cause while remaining safe. It champions who make the world a better place.

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