Core Features of a Human Rights Law Firm Intranet

Nothing fosters team engagement and collaboration at any human rights law firm like an intranet; I mean a modern intranet. Think of it as a personalized network that helps your legal organization’s workforce team to cooperate, connect, and discharge their duties seamlessly. And, your legal staff’s efficiency will be as good as the intranet you choose for them. Check the following three core features of a reliable law firm intranet.

A Staff Directory

Typically, a big law firm boasts multiple cronies, associates, and paralegals. Hence, all the staff and services may not be domiciled in a single location. That’s where a staff directory comes in. An intranet with this feature makes it possible to see and communicate with your team and other attorneys in your company and track all the ongoing cases they are handling.

Have you visited the link? There is what is known as Omnia, a modern intranet that comes with a staff directory. It gives you easy access to your staff information.

A Client Portal

While a staff directory facilitates connection among your workforce, a client portal is essential for connecting with clients. With Omnia intranet, your firm will have a cutting-edge client portal that allows the legal team to send clients updates and cooperate with them on several things, including affidavit preparation.


Not all intranet software you find online is relevant for your law firm. Choose one that will help your staff complete their tasks efficiently and quickly by giving them easy access to all the required documents and information. Lawyers need something that allows them to share documents with, for instance, plaintiffs and prosecutors.

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