Amplifying Human Rights Voices Online

Human rights proponents hold immense potential in shaping our present-day societies’ attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge systems. In this digital age, the internet, chiefly search engine optimization (SEO), is used for communication and advocacy. SEO, which principally focuses on enhancing a website’s visibility on the digital landscape, is instrumental in amplifying the voices of the marginalised to promote human rights.

The Connection Between Human Rights and SEO Best Practices

Human rights advocacy groups often struggle to stand out in the crowded digital space. In fact, their messages usually do not reach the intended audience amid the noise of misinformation and commercial content available online. This is where the Voxel tool comes to the rescue for human rights groups. This AI-based tool can handle SEO practices ranging from keyword search, content planning, and analytics to progress tracking, thus optimizing all digital marketing practices.

For instance, campaigns addressing crosscutting issues today, such as gender and racial inequalities, can now leverage the Voxel tool for targeted campaigns. As such, it will become much more accessible in search engine results pages (SERPs) when people look for information on human rights topics. Ideally, this visibility is not just about getting traffic but reaching out to people who can support and act on the information they gather, contributing to a more welcoming society.

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