Human rights – Right to a Fair Trial


The right to a fair trial has been defined at length by the European Convention of Human Rights (UDHR), as well as the Sixth Amendment in the American Constitution.Prisoner It proclaims that anyone under suspicion is to have access to a fair and legal trial and is presumed innocent until proven guilty; however, the specifics of what constitutes a fair trial vary in different countries.

The Geneva Conventions guarantee those persecuted for participating in war have the right to a fair trial unless they commit war crimes and this is a serious breach of Human Rights articles.

New Crime

The law is constantly being amended as new kinds of crime develop with the advent of cyber-crime, such as hacking and identity fraud. Holm Security is one such company that offers protection against these kinds of attacks.

Should your assets be unprotected and stolen, and if the offender is able to be found, the offender will have the right to a fair trial. That is why it is vital to protect your information, IP address, etc., so that the need for a trial is avoided altogether.


The actual rights are as follows: According to Wikipedia, the appropriate administration of justice includes the right to be heard within a reasonable time by an independent, competent, and impartial jury. This hearing must be public. They also have the right to a defence, or counsel, by a lawyer.

If the trial takes place where language presents a barrier in any way, they also have the right to interpretation, or translation. The administrative proceedings must be as legal and forthcoming as the judicial proceedings; the paperwork must be correct and uphold the law to protect the rights of the accused.

There are also different types of trials; civil trials have to do with non-criminal law, which refer to breaches of contract or dealing with procuring compensation for some kind of injury; criminal trials deal with instances of crime, which is defined by any social action that is regulated and deemed unlawful by the state. This includes rape, murder, or theft of any kind including that of property, and is typically punished with time served in jail.

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