The Pressures of Being a Human Rights Activist

Suppose you care passionately about the rights of people. In that case, you may wish to consider being an activist to promote the cause. But, be aware that human rights can be a stressful and strenuous occupation since not everyone will agree with your opinions and may be hostile towards you and fellow protestors. Not least the police and armed forces in whatever country you live in. Sometimes it will bring you into direct conflict with the state or regime where you reside and may threaten your freedom and health. Once you have completed your day’s human rights activities, you will need some time to relax and take your mind off the troubling issues you are campaigning about. An excellent way to destress is to grow your own herbs, spices, flowers, fruit, or vegetables. It is here where the app can come to your rescue.

Why Consider Planta?

If you are a novice at plant growing, then the Planta app can become your best friend and guide when growing all manner of plants. Plants are well known for their ability to relieve human stress and exude a calming influence, perfect for soothing the body and mind after a hard day campaigning. What’s more, with this app’s valuable tips, you can grow cut flowers, delicious vegetables, and spices to enhance your cooking exploits. You may wish to start with some simple houseplants that are easy to cultivate. Download the app and take a visit to your local shop or garden center; take a photo, and Planta will tell you what the species is. It will also provide handy hints about the best growing conditions and plant care.

The app also contains a helpful light meter to ensure the perfect spot for your new prized possession. Whatever form of gardening you choose, the Planta app will offer great advice about how to best care for your plants. It will also remind you when any cultivar needs watering or spraying and feeding to ensure your plants are kept in the best possible condition. If anything goes wrong with your plants, the app will provide excellent tips about what ailment it has and how to treat it. With your busy human rights schedule, you will be grateful for all the simple to access online help available.


Take the stress out of human rights activism with the benign influence of growing your own species of many plants. From growing exotic lettuce to cultivating the most demanding house species, Planta can help you with everything plant-related. Destress today and grow your own!

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