Seniors and Human Rights

Everyone is entitled to human rights, and that includes seniors who sometimes feel that these rights have been taken away from them.

Seniors and Their Rights

Age should not be a factor when it comes to human rights. The elderly population still plays a vital role in society. Many seniors strive to keep their independence. They are still quite capable of making everyday decisions about the lifestyle they wish to lead. A good example is their desire to maintain their homes and to be able to make decisions such as the decor and furnishings that they want to rely on. Many seniors buy furnishings from the House Doctor to add a warm feel to their homes. Quite often though they are deprived of the ability to make simple decisions such as this.

Seniors and Elder Abuse

One significant infraction of the human rights of some seniors comes by way of elder abuse. This has become a common occurrence in nursing homes that are not being regulated. There have also been reported cases where family members have violated the human rights of seniors through elder abuse.

What Can Be Done About the Abuse of Human Rights?

Everyone in society has an obligation to seniors and to ensure that their human rights are not violated. Although elder abuse is a serious matter, there are other cases where seniors have been stripped of their human rights. Those who are in business and deal with seniors have to be mindful of their rights and respect them, just as the general public has the same obligation.

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