Human Rights – Right to Education


Education is important for a variety of reasons; it empowers people to apply their skills to solve problems in their communities, it engages women in developing countries, and activates Group of elementary school kids running at school, back viewpreviously dormant segments of the population to contribute to the economy.

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The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) is an organization working hard to promote one of the most basic of human rights: that of receiving an adequate education.

Six Principles

The NESRI works with 6 principles that are fundamental to human development.

  1. The first is individual rights; every child must have the right to an education.
  2. The second is the reason for education, which is to develop each child’s personality to his or her full potential enabling them to contribute to and participate in society in a way that is fulfilling while receiving reasonable remuneration.
  3. The third is the principle of dignity; each child must be respected as an individual and must be encouraged to have self-confidence and be able to express themselves.
  4. The fourth principle is equity; there should be an equal distribution of resources to communities in order for them to provide education.
  5. The fifth is non-discrimination against race, gender, and religious affiliation.
  6. The sixth and final pillar is participation; both students and parents of students have the right to have input as to how educational institutions are run and what education is provided.


The United Nations quote and use the Declaration of Universal Human Rights, which was written after WWII. The 26th artiJapanese High School Classroomcle of Declaration states that each person shall have access to education, and that it shall be free in the elementary and secondary stages.

It also states that the purpose of education is integral to developing personality and individual potential, which helps all nations improve their economic and cultural standing.

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